Corporate Wellness, A Proven Cost-Saving Strategy for Employers

Triad Insurance Group specializes in promoting wellness programs for employers.

 Let us tailor a wellness program for you.  We can show you how pushing the status quo through wellness in the workplace yields happier, more productive employees and a better bottom line for you!

Engaging Healthy Living

Sponsor and Promote Wellness Programs

Fitness and nutrition seminars, group exercise classes, gym memberships, and more.

On-Site Preventative Wellness

Screenings for blood pressure, heart, cholesterol and glucose, and other health risks.

Wellness and Personal Growth

Stress management education, financial wellness tools, smoking cessation and more.

Wellness Technology

Platform Engagement

Customized with your company brand.  Login from anywhere, any device, anytime.

Employee Advantages

Personalized exercise and nutrution plans, outcome measurement and tracking, online coaching, social interation with co-workers, newsletters and more.

Employer Advantages

Incentivize positive outcomes with rewards, foster employee cooperation through social interaction, evaluate effectiveness and engagement through insightful metrics and reporting, and more.