There are a lot of reasons to trust Triad Insurance Group for you and your family’s health insurance needs. Here are the top three.

#1 We’ll inform you, not sell you.   We offer a variety of individual and family major medical health insurance plans from some of the best carriers in the nation and can help you make an informed decision based on your circumstances and needs.
#2 We are ACA Certified.  If you qualify for a Subsidy, we can walk you through the steps of obtaining your insurance through Covered California and securing your tax credit (premium subsidy).  Use our Subsidy Calculator to determine your eligibility.
#3 Impeccable Service.  We provide continued support through the plan year, when needed, and will review your options with you at renewal time each and every year to make certain your selected plan continues to meet your needs.

Learn more about the types of Health Insurance plans offered.  Click the (+/) below to read more.

An HMO offers lower premiums and a significant savings on routine and preventative healthcare.

A Health Maintenance Organization or HMO health plan requires you to appoint a primary care physician and to use doctors and facilities that are affiliated with the HMO. If you use healthcare service providers outside of the HMO, there is a good chance those charges won’t be covered by your policy. The great thing about an HMO is that the only charges you incur, outside of your premiums, are co-pays for doctor’s visits and other services such as procedures and prescriptions.

A PPO offers a significant savings on healthcare services and a large network of providers.

A Preferred Provider Organization or PPO will save you money on services if you use the preferred providers within the network. Keep in mind that deductibles must be met on this plan before some services will be covered. The good thing about a PPO is they generally will allow a certain amount of services annually outside of the deductible with a small co-pay, and most often the PPO has a large network with quality care providers and excellent prescription drug coverage.

Qualify for a premium subsidy through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

If you purchase your health insurance through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace, you may be eligible for a tax credit (premium discount). Families earning up to $94,000 per household (this is about 400% of the poverty level) can qualify. We suggest you use our Subsidy Calculator to see if you qualify.

Is a Catastrophic Plan right for you?

Catastrophic Plans are great for those healthy individuals who do not expect to need medical care throughout the year, other than routine preventative care (generally available for under age 30). Note catastrophic plans may or may not contain the essential benefits required by the ACA to avoid penalty.

Need a short-term health insurance policy?

Short Term Medical Plans are health plans designed for times of transition and help to bridge gaps in coverage for individuals and families. Short term plans are generally less expensive than traditional health insurance, but they do not provide full coverage.  Specifically, they do not cover pre-existing conditions, nor do they contain the essential benefits required by the ACA to avoid penalty. Based on your needs, you can select the length of time (1 to 11 months in many states) and from a range of available deductible amounts.

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Are you and your family fully protected?

Supplemental Health & Life Insurance is a perfect solution for closing the gaps in your insurance portfolio.  Click on the links below to learn more and get the peace of mind you deserve.  It’s more affordable than you think.