Long-Term Care Insurance, a smart choice for today’s benefits portfolio

Long-term care encompasses a wide array of services that fall under two general categories – skilled care and personal care, but generally does not require a doctor or a nurse, and is not typically covered by regular health insurance, Medicare or disability insurance.  Skilled care is provided when recovering from an illness or an injury.  Personal care helps maintain the daily activities and functions of life.

The need for LTC is not always age related. Although more than half of all individuals age 65 & over will need LTC at some point, it is important to note that roughly 40% of those receiving LTC today are between the ages of 18 and 64. It is never too early to plan for long-term care.

Here are examples of what LTC policies may cover:

Institutional Care: Nursing home, assisted living services residential care facility, hospice care, adult foster home, respite care and more.

Home Care: Home health care, adult day care, personal care, homemaker services, hospice care, respite care and more.